The Anti-Aircraft Airborne Unit ("Yechidat Neged Metosim Mut'znahat - YANMAM", in Hebrew) is the IAF rapid deployment airborne AA SF unit. The unit's missions are:

  • Provide AA protection for deep insertion IDF spearheads during wartime.

  • Protect captured key enemy strongholds deep behind enemy lines until more potent IDF forces arrive.

  • Seal security breeches by feeling up vital AA gaps.

Unlike other conventional AA units, YANMAM was not designed to provide protection to large IDF forces Instead, the unit's role is to rapidly deploy and provide strong and a focused defense for a limited short time period until stronger conventional forces arrive and secure the perimeter. Therefore, the unit must be fully mobilized in a minutes notice as well as to posses a fully operational airborne tactical capability.

The unit is quite small and its members are drawn from within the Tzanhanim  infantry brigade personnel, during the brigade's inner Special Units Selection Series (Gibush). The first seven months of training consists of 6 months basic and advanced infantry training and three weeks Parachuting Course. After the conclusion of the training period, the operators are disengaged from the Tzanhanim  brigade and are shifted to the unit's own base to begin their additional one-year highly specialized training.

Since the unit is most likely to accompanied other IDF SF units in their deep insertions operations, the training is intense. A special emphasis is placed on camouflage and on extended covert stay on hostile enemy soil. As the unit may need to provide AA protection to other SF units during their missions, the navigation and open field combat skills are also highly advanced.

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