Haruv (1966-1973)

Haruv was the IDF Central Command LRRP unit. The unit was founded at the end of 1966 in order to conduct security missions along the Israeli-Jordanian border, in a manner similar to that of Shaked in the IDF Southern Command

In early 1967, the unit started functioning in putting down ambushes along the Jordanian border and participated in the Six Day War.

After the war, the unit was reallocated to the Jordan Valley and participated in the mission of safeguarding the new border from terrorist infiltration attempts.

During this time the unit was expanded into a battalion size outfit. Some of the battalion's companies were deployed in counter terror raids in the Jordan Valley region; others did so in the Judea and Samaria settlements

In December 1968, the unit commander, Lieutenant Colonel Zvika Ofer, was killed in action during a raid.

Later, the unit was adopted by the Central Command CO at the time - Major General Rehav'am Zeevi, and up until the Yom Kippur War the unit focused in actions beyond the Jordanian border, ambushes and pursuits in the Jordan Valley region as well as preventing terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip.

Haruv acted in the last days of the Yom Kippur War, engaging in clearing the Suez region before the ceasefire took effect. The unit was disbanded after the war within the IDF policy of disbanding regional command-level Sayeret units.

Today there is a conventional Territories dedicated infantry battalion, which is named "Haruv" after the now disbanded SF units.

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