PALSAR Tzanhanim  Photo Gallery

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PALSAR T'zanhamim during winter training.

PALSAR Tzanhanim  undergoing a Spinning session during Physical Training (PT). The trendy civilian sport was first introduced in the IDF in the late 1990's when a SF unit began training with it. Since then Spinning has become a popular PT activity within the IDF SF community.

PALSAR Tzanhanim  operators during training in an IDF CQB facility, mocked up as a Palestinian village. Standing are two operators armed with handguns. On the ground is a third operator simulating a terrorist and armed with an M4A1 fitted with an Elbit Falcon and a blank firing attachment (photo: IDF).

PALSAR Tzanhanim  operators during training. Foreground operator is armed with a Glock fitted with a flashlight. Background operator is armed with M4A1 fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21, an ARMS #40 and a flashlight. The operator is also equipped with an ITL Mini N/SEAS (photo: IDF).

PALSAR T’zanhanim operator posing with M4A1/M203 combo fitted with an ITL MARS and a Meprolight GLS203.

PALSAR T’zanhanim sniper wearing an IDF camouflage suit and armed with a camouflaged M24 during training. Note a compensator.

PALSAR Tzanhanim  sniper armed with a SR25 during joint-training with U.S. Special Forces.

PALSAR Tzanhanim  operators during joint-training with U.S. Special Forces.

PALSAR Tzanhanim  operators armed with Sig P228 handguns during range training.

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