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A operator and his dog in the unit compound 1974. The dog in the photo, Steve, is a legendary dog in Oketz. It was among the few dogs that formed the unit back in 1974 and was the first dog killed in action in the infamous Misgav Ham hostage rescue incident in 1980. The raid involved both PALSAR Golani and Sayeret MATKAL and another dog part from Steve - Tommy - was also killed in the raid.

The unit's founding operators and their CT dogs during training in 1974.

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Right - an Oketz operator armed with a AK47 and two Dobermans during training with Shayetet 13, 1975. Left - Shayetet 13 operator wearing special protective gear since he played the terrorist in this simulation. The two Dobermans seen in the photo were Steve and Tommy. They two dogs used to work and train together and were killed by terrorists fire in the Misgav Ham Kibbutz incident in 1980.

Two dogs resting during training.

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Oketz operator and a dog during training.


Oketz operator and dog during deployment with Egoz in the Territories.


Oketz operator and his dog during raining. The operator is equipped with an ITL N/SEAS and armed with a CAR15 fitted with an ITL AIM1/D.


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Oketz operator and his dog during deployment in the Territories. Note an AIL Sufa in the background.

Preparing to attack a target during training.

Attacking the target.

Oketz operators and their dogs posing in full gear before an operations in the Territories. Note that three of the dogs are attack dogs and therefore ware muzzles due to their tendency to bite while the Weapons dog is without a muzzle.

Oketz operator and his dog taking a short break during CT training. Note that the dog is wearing a specialized harness which allows the operator to easily carry or lift the dog when deploying from vehicles, climbing stares or entering building. Some canine harness are also compatible with the operators tactical vests so that the dog can be attached to the back of the vest in situations where the operator needs to use both hands such as fast roping or rappelling.

LOTAR Eilat operators during training with a Oketz operator and his dog. Note the markings on the walls, which resulted from paintball and Simmunition training.

Oketz operator and his dog share a moment of bonding during training.

During training.

Oketz operator and his dog return to the Israeli side of the Israeli-Lebanese border during the night of the IDF withdrawal from South Lebanon, May 2000.

A dog finds a training land mind during training.

A operator and his dog.

Taking a break between missions on an IDF armored Hummer.

A dog checking out an IDF modified M113 APC.

Oketz operator and his dog standing next to an AIL Sufa.

A bonding moment between a operator and his dog.

Training in the obstacles course.

A operator plays with his dog.

During training.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visiting Oketz. Left operator armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a stock, a flip-up sight, a Meprolight MOR, a forward grip and a flashlight; right operator armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a flip-up sight, a Meprolight MOR, a forward grip and an AN/PEQ-14 (photo: Government Press Office).

U.S. Army soldiers joint training with Oketz operators and their dogs during Exercise Noble Shirley 2015. Oketz operators are armed with M4 Commando fitted with Meprolight Mepro 21 or Meprolight MOR, forward grips, and blank adapters (photo: IDF).

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