The Computer Aided Design Team (CAD or "TIBAM" in Hebrew) - is an assisting unit in CT and hostage rescue operations.

The team is made of computer specialties that scan and photo all major potential takeover installations in Israel (e.g. schools and public buildings), inserts all the data including the blueprints into a computer, creates a three dimensional computer image of the area, and then stored it on CDROM.

If a CT scenario evolves, the TIBAM team will arrive to the area, and using laptop computers and portable printers, will provide the Takeover or the Engagement units with the model. With this model the entry team can plan its assault on the compound in a much more vivid way, using the computer itself as the planning board.

The team is small and is made of less then five man, but it has a long list of reserve personnel, which are all experts in a specific field - architects, airplane, ships engineers and builders, and various other engineers such structure and metals. When there is as a specific need for these experts' opinions, they can arrive within hours to the area and give professional technical consulting to the relevant CT unit on site. The TIBAM team is located in the Mitkan Adam army base and is under the command of the base's intelligence officer.

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