The Lebanon Border Unit ("Yechidat Gvoul Lebanon - YAGAL" in Hebrew) and the Negev Border Intelligence Unit ("Yechidat Modiyin Gvoulot Negev - MAGEN" in Hebrew) are the Israeli police counter smuggling units. As their name suggests, YAGAL operates along the Israeli-Lebanese border, while MAGEN operates along the Israeli-Egyptian and the Israeli-Jordanian border.

YAGAL and MAGAN are paramilitary units that deploy military tactics to prevent guns and drugs smuggling from crossing the borders into Israeli soil.

YAGAL was the first unit out of the two to be formed and following its success, MAGEN was formed few years later.

Most of the units' deployment is comprised of ambushes alongside Israel's borders. These ambushes can last days and sometimes even weeks in adverse weather conditions. As such, much of the units' training is focused on camouflage and fieldcraft.

YAGAL operators during training. The operators are armed with a Colt Commando fitted with flashlights and Litton M845 X1.5.

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