The Lebanon Border Unit ("Yechidat Gvoul Lebanon - YAGAL" in Hebrew) is a paramilitary counter smuggling unit which belongs to the Israeli Police. Similar in many ways to MATILAN, YAGAL utilizes military tactics to prevent guns and drugs smugglers from crossing the Israeli-Lebanese border into Israeli soil.

The need for YAGAL began in May 2000 when the IDF withdrawal from South Lebanon. Previously, the IDF presence in the Israeli controlled security zone in South Lebanon prevented Lebanese civilians from approaching the border. Today, however, the border is much more accessible and hundreds of Lebanese civilians pass next to it daily.

Most of the unit's missions are placing ambushes along the border. These ambushes may last days and even weeks in adverse weather conditions. As such the unit places a focus on camouflage and fieldcraft.

YAGAL operators during training armed with a Colt Commando fitted with a flashlight and Litton M845 X1.5 NVD during training.

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