Shayetet 13 Fast Attack Boats

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The following guide features various Fast Attack Boats used by Shayetet 13.

Shayetet 13 fast attack boats - from left to right Zaharon, Snunit, and Mulit.


The Muraena Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB) is Shayetet 13 newest and largest fast attack boat. Made by USMI it is jet propelled by Twin turbo diesel engines, Helicopter-sling liftable, air drop capable and is 13 meter long. The boat has also two mounts, at the front and back, for mounting Machine Guns, grenade launcher and similar heavy support weaponry.

The Muraena was designed with input from the U.S. Navy SEALs as a high speed, extreme weather craft assigned with the primary mission of ship-to-shore insertion/extraction of Naval Commando operators. The Muraena was delivered to the U.S. Navy SEALs in 1997 replacing several other RHIB previously used before. Following its successful deployment with the U.S. Navy SEALs, it was procured by Shayetet 13 in 2000 and entered service.

In comparison with previous boats, the Muraena is quieter, faster, has a longer range and can transport an entire 8 man team. The Muraena's design minimizes the amount of water sprayed into the boat, which helps keeping the operators dryer and warmer during their travel to and from the target area.

Shayetet 13 Muraena fitted with Browning M2 .50 heavy machine gun in the front and MK19 40mm grenade launcher in the back (photo: IDF/Navy).

Shayetet 13 boats, including four Muraena and a Zaharon (foreground), returning from Operation Noah Arc - the seizure of the Palestinian Karin A weapons ship, January, 3 2002.

Muraena on display during an IDF demonstration.





Shayetet 13 operators during training with a Zaharon (photo: IDF/Navy).

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Shayetet 13 joint training with Unit 669. Note a Zaharon and a Bell 212.

Zharaon on display during an IDF demonstration.

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