Helicopters Photo Gallery

Bell 212

Unit 669 operator during a civilian SAR operation in the late 1990's.


Shayetet 13 operator during training.


Unit 669 operators in a Bell 212 during CSAR training with Shayetet 13 in a Zaharon fast attack boat.


A Bell 212 hovering over the "Sayeret MATKAL Mountain" in South of Israel. Upon graduation of their training regime each Sayeret MATKAL team comes to this mountain and use paint and rocks to make its own signature on the mountain hilltop surface.


YAMAM operators rappelling during training.


Operators during airborne training.


Bell 212 prepare to pick up PALSAR Tzanhanim  team after a mission in Lebanon.


Sikorsky UH60

Operators boarding an UH60.


During training.


The IAF first female airborne combat mechanic handling a FN MAG mounted on an UH60.


The IDF former Chief Of General Staff, Shaul Mufaz, getting out of an UH60.


Egoz operators deploying from an UH60 during training.


Operators evacuated in an UH60 after deployment in South Lebanon.


Operators preparing to board an UH60 during an IDF demonstration.


MATILAN team boarding an UH60 during deployment in South of Israel. Operators are wearing Camouflage Suits (photo: IAF).


MATILAN team deploying from an IAF UH60 during training.


Shaldag team boards an UH60 during training.


Aircraft Security Unit operators standing next to an UH60 during briefing (photo: IAF).


Sikorsky CH53

Unit 669 operator armed with a CAR15 posing with a CH53 in the background.


Loading a vehicle to a CH53.


Soldiers boarding a CH53.


Soldiers prepare to board a CH53.


Unit 669 operators deploying from CH53 during a CSAR mission in Lebanon.


669 operator extracted by a CH53 during SAR training.


Soldiers deploying from a CH53 during an IDF demonstration.


CH53 during air-sea rescue.


CH53 hovering after Operation "Noah Arc" - the seizure of the Palestinian Karin A weapons ship, January 2002.


Shaldag team boards a CH53 during deployment in the Territories.

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