Law Enforcement Special Forces Vehicles

The following guide features a variety of marked and unmarked vehicles deployed by the Israeli Law Enforcement SF units.



YAMAG team during training with unmarked motorcycle and marked ATV.


Israeli Police Motorcycle.

YAMAG operators using unmarked motorcycles during bus hostage rescue training.

YAMAG cloth operator rides an unmarked motorcycle during training

YAMAM operator driving on an unmarked motorcycle during training.

Nachshon motorcycle team during training. Note Nachshon logos on the unit’s Kawasaki KLE500 bikes (photo: IPS).


YAMAG team during training with unmarked Isuzu Trooper.

YAMAG Toyota Land Cruiser.



YAMAM vehicle used for carrying operators and gear.

Israeli Police AIL M462 Rhino armored truck.



YAMAS operators practicing rapid deployment and targets engagement from a vehicle during training. Operators are armed with FN HP and Mini Uzi.


Plain cloths YAMAS operators prior to an undercover mission in the Territories. Left operator is armed with a Mini Uzi, right operator is armed with a CAR15 fitted with an Elbit Falcon and a flashlight. Note unmarked civilian car in the background.


Operator armed with a Negev. Note unmarked IDF armored Mercedes in the background which was commonly used in Lebanon.


Duvdevan operators training on snatching a terrorist. The simulated terrorist is seen pushed to the car in the back door by an uniformed operator while the rest of team provides cover. Right operator armed with Mini Uzi SMG. All other operators are armed with Sig P226 handguns (photo: IDF).


Intelligence Gathering

MAGAV intelligence gathering Land Rover.

MAGAV intelligence gathering Hummer.


YAMAM canine vehicle.

YAMAM canine vehicle.

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