Flyer / RAFAEL Mantis Vehicle Prototype

The Mantis is Israeli design for an all terrain high mobility assault and reconnaissance vehicle based on the American made Flyer platform.

The Flyer's primary missions are:

  • Mobile intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and observation

  • Troops transport

  • CSAR

  • Light assault vehicle against in depth high value targets

The Flyer was designed for SF units and rapid deployment forces in mind and can be armed with variety of weapons such as Heavy Machine Guns, LMG, Grenade Launchers and ATGM on a pedestal mount.

The Flyer's light weight and compact size makes it airborne by helicopters and fixed winged platforms. A CH53, for example, can carry two Flyers for long range insertion missions. The Flyer can carry over a ton including up to 6 operators.

The Mantis:

The Mantis is RAFAEL C4I suit for light assault vehicles, designed to provide SF with mobile reconnaissance, surveillance, targets acquisition and targets engagements capabilities during day, night and adverse weather conditions. The Mantis was fitted on the Flyer as a technology demonstrator but can be adapted to fit others high mobility vehicle.

In its Mantis setup, the Flyer platform is offered as three primary configurations:

  • Standard configuration

  • Mantis RECCE - Reconnaissance & Surveillance configuration

  • Mantis ATGM - ATGM and reconnaissance systems configuration

The Mantis is almost entirely based on advanced Israeli systems:


  • RAFAEL C4I Tactical System - a rugged laptop which is the center of the Mantis system.

  • ESC BAZ retractable Multi-Sensor for surveillance and reconnaissance - includes a day camera, night (thermal) camera and a laser rangefinder.

  • Azimuth Comet - provides target acquisition data such as coordinates to the targets.

The Mantis various electro-optical modules are fully integrated and connected to each other via network, allowing target allocation and intelligence sharing between nearby forces or mobile headquarters. All information gathered by the various onboard sensors is relayed in real time to the system onboard computer and to the Spike Fire Control System. The Mantis can also receives data and imagery from various ground or airborne platforms such as UAV or satellites.

As part of the testing with the IDF, handful of Flyers werey successfully deployed in counter smuggling operations along the Israel-Egypt border, while few others undergone field testing with IDF SF units.

Standard Flyer on display at an IDF exhibition.

Mantis RECCE - note the retractable Multi-Sensor for surveillance and reconnaissance seen in the back of the vehicles (photo: RAFAEL).

Mantis ATGM - note the rugged laptop handled by the operator sitting next to the driver. Also note the dual ATGM launcher (photo: RAFAEL).

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