Hummer / HMMWV

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the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), known in the IDF by its civilian name - Hummer - entered service in IDF in 1995, replacing the M151 as well as some Israeli made patrol vehicles as the standard all terrain platform. As with many other new military hardware, the Hummer was first issued to SF units, and in 1996 it was mass issued to all infantry oriented units, including both regular and special forces.


The IDF has multiple configurations of the HMMWV:

  • Open - used for reconnaissance and can be equipped with mounted weapons such as LMG and grenade launchers.

PALSAR 500 Hummer during navigation training in north of Israel.

  • ATGM - fitted to carry large variety of ATGM.

Hummer fitted with a TOW2 ATGM.

  • Armored, used for patrolling along Israel's borders and is often equipped with FN MAG.

Armored Hummer.

  • Truck platform - used for transporting gear and personnel in a non combat environment.

Hummer truck.

  • Raccoon - used for observations and mobile intelligence gathering fitted with a telescopic mount and electronic surveillance equipment.

Hummer Raccoon platform.

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