The M151 Multi-Utility Tactical Truck (MUTT) entered service in the IDF in the early 1960's and serviced until 1997 when it was replaced by the Hummer. The M151 remains in service in diminishing numbers in the reserve units.

In the IDF the M151 was deployed in three main configurations - open, closed and ATGM mounting platform.

Open Configuration

An IDF M151 fitted with a spotlight and a FN MAG.

Left - M151 during reconnaissance training. Right - M113 APC fitted with an Orev ATGM.

IDF SF during off-road training with M151.

PALSAR Givati during reconnaissance training.

PALSAR 7 operators during training.

ATGM Configuration

IMI MAPATS ATGM mounted on a M151. The tripod used in the man portable version of the MAPATS is seen lying on the ground on the right. Note the extra missiles tubes seen inside the jeep. Also visible is Negev mounted on the M151 right behind the driver seat.

Orev ATGM mounted on a M151 during training in the early 1990's.

An Orev ATGM being loaded to its launcher. Seen in the photo are two of the Orev platforms later replaced by the Hummer - the M113 APC (background) and the M151 (foreground).

M151 fitted with Orev ATGM during deployment in the Territories.

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