AIL Desert Raider Vehicle Prototype

The Desert Raider is a Israeli design for a unique 6x6 all terrain reconnaissance, surveillance and fast attack vehicle made by the Israeli company Automotive Industries (AIL).

The Desert Raider was designed to meet the operational needs of Special and Rapid Deployment Forces for a new generation of fast, highly mobile attack and surveillance vehicle, which can operate behind enemy lines. As such, the Desert Raider is fully airborne and can be easily inserted into a CH53 size helicopter. Moreover, the vehicle has a low noise and thermal signature, which makes it a hard vehicle to detect, and an ideal tool for close up reconnaissance.

The design is centered around a unique 4-wheel rear suspension unit that features an independent suspension for each pair of rear wheels. This unit incorporates a pivot axis, on which the vehicle can rise or fall, and the Desert Raider is able to move with just one of its six wheels touching the ground. This system enables the vehicle's enhanced maneuverability over all types of terrain. As result of the rear suspension the vehicle can climb on a 70 degrees side slop, go over a 60 cm slope and is waterborne up to 70 cm without special preparation.

The Desert Raider has an automatic transmission, a powerful engine and flexible yet rugged frame, which further contributes to its mobility and maneuverability under harsh terrain.

The Desert Raider maximum speed is 110 KPH, it weights 1450 kg empty, can take a load of up to 1200 kg, and with a full fuel tank has an operational range of 600 km. The vehicle is designed for a five man crew - three in the front and two in the back. The basic attack configuration is composed of three Negev.

The vehicle was tested by IDF SF units, didn't enter active duty.

The Desert Raider is waterborne up to 70 cm deep without any preparations.

Desert Raider fitted with an Negev.

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