RAFAEL / Hatehof Zehev

Due to the LIC in the Territories in recent years the IDF has placed a new emphasis on secured troops transport during urban operations. Several new types of vehicles were introduced as effective replacements to the slow, noisy and hard to maneuver APC and to the light armored M462 Abir vehicle.

One of the new vehicles introduced is the Zehev, a multi-purpose versatile armored vehicle, which can be custom fitted to a variety of usages such as troops carrier, command vehicle, ambulance and logistics vehicle.

The Zehev was developed by RAFAEL, with Hatehof as the main subcontractor, on a modified Ford F550 4X4 truck chassis. As such, the vehicle combines a commercial truck maneuverability and a military grade APC-like armor.

As a vehicle designed for urban operations the Zehev has several unique features:

  • Large multiple openings - two side doors on each side and a double rear door - enabling rapid deployment of the operators to and from the vehicle.

  • Crew carrying capacity of up to 12 personnel + 2 stretchers, although standard configuration comprised of driver + 7 passengers.

  • Observation windows and shooting slots for target interdiction from within the protection of the vehicle. In addition, the hull entire air supply can be replaced within seconds, in order to clear toxic gases emitted during fire.

  • Run-flat tiers.

  • Cabin controlled Day/night camera which covers the rear area of the vehicle.

  • Roof turret for either a manually controlled weapon station or a Remote Controlled Weapons Station (RCWS).

  • Highly modular interior design allowing various configurations according to need.

Dozens of Zevev vehicles were ordered by the IDF in 2004 and entered service throughout 2005, primarily in infantry oriented units including both special and conventional forces.

Zehev armored vehicle.

GADSAR NAHAL team posing in full gear in front of an IDF Zehev armored vehicle prior to deployment in the Territories.

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