Unmanned Ground Vehicles

The following guide features various UGV used by the Israeli SF.


In recent years the IDF has significantly increased its usage of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). In addition to large UGV used for EOD, small man-portable UGV such as iRobot PackBot and ODF Optronics EyeDrive are used for for CQB applications, while other UGV are used for tunnels clearing. UGV are used primarily by YAHALOM but are gradually entering service with other SF units.  Roboteam, is Israel's leading manufacturer of UGV and its flagship product - the MTGR - is commonly issued now. 


ODF Optronics EyeDrive

IDF SF operator carrying an EyeDrive on his back during deployment in the Territories. The operator is armed with a M4A1 fitted with an AN/PEQ-14.


YAHALOM operators during training. Left operators armed with a M4A1/M203 combo, right operator armed with M4A1. Both weapons fitted with Meprolight Mepro 21 and blank firing attachments. Note an EyeDrive in the foreground (photo: IDF).


YAHALOM operators clearing a tunnel with the help of an EyeDrive during training (photo: IDF)


iRobot PackBot

YAHALOM operators lowering an iRobot PackBot into a tunnel during training. All operators are armed with M4A1 fitted with Meprolight Mepro 21, flip-up sights and blank firing attachments (photo: IDF).


QinetiQ / Foster-Miller Talon

YAHALOM operators and an Oketz operator and his dog (middle) during training. Note a Foster-Miller Talon in the foreground (photo: IDF).


Roboteam MTGR

Roboteam MTGR used during training at the IDF Counter Terror School (photo: IDF).


Northrop Grumman / REMOTEC Andros

YAHALOM REMOTEC Andros seen here in an IDF demonstration. Note the robot's shotgun on the right side and the robot's operating system on the left. Also note an IDF ATV on the right.


REMOTEC Andros seen in the background during a joint YAMAM and Duvdevan deployment.


Civilian Tunnel / Pipe Inspection UGV

YAHALOM operator during training armed with a M4A1 fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21, a flip-up sight and a flashlight. Note an oxygen mask used for long term deployment in tunnels. Also note a tunnel clearing UGV (photo: IDF).


IDF tunnel clearing UGV (photo: IDF).



YAHALOM UGV delivers Hanukkah greeting.


YAHALOM UGV delivers Passover greeting.


Roboteam, Israel's leading manufacturer of UGV.

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