Colt M4

In the the late 1990's, prior to the mass introduction of M4A1 in the early 2000's, several Israeli Law Enforcement SF procured fixed loop M4 to complement the Colt Commando commonly used at the time. Some IDF SF units also bought M4 to replace their obsolete CAR15. Today, most M4 were replaced by M4A1.

YAMAM operator during training armed with a M4 fitted with a Simon RLEM, rubber but stock, Aimpoint and a rail system. The operator is also armed with a Glock handgun tacked in one of vest's empty magazine pouch, and is equipped with a KATA vest, an Oakley eyewear and a helmet mounted flashlight.


PALSAR Golani operator during deployment in the Territories armed with M4 fitted with a flashlight, laser pointer and a compensator.


IDF SF operator armed with a M4 fitted with a flashlight during a raid in the Territories. The operator is also wearing an EPS21 goggles.

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