Colt M4A1

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The M4A1 entered service with the IDF SF in the late 1990's, followed by a mass issue of the M4A1 in 2002 when the weapon became the IDF standard issue assault rifle for all infantry oriented units including both SF and regular units units. In a typical IDF fashion, many weapons are actually hybrids, featuring M4A1 uppers and CAR15 lowers.

The M4A1partially replaced by the Micro Tavor in recent years within some infantry and SF units. However, it will likely remain the dominant platform with SF units for years to come.

M4A1 with its detachable loop attached.

M4A1 fitted with a a flip-up sight and rail system.

IDF SF M4A1/CAR15 hybrid fitted with a Trijicon Reflex and a flip-up sight.


IDF M4A1 fitted with an Elbit Falcon.


Camouflaged IDF SF M4A1 fitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x32, a forward grip and a flashlight.


IDF SF weapons – a Sig P228 and a M4A1 fitted with an ITL MARS, a flip-up sight, a flashlight, a "Smiley" compensator, a stock, pistol grip, a forward grip and a rail system.


IDF small arms on display. From left to right - a M4A1 fitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x32 and a bipod, a Simon and a Tavor fitted with an ITL MARS.

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