Colt Commando

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Colt designed the Commando in the mid 1980's for those interested in a compact frame weapon, yet with a more potent fire power and range then a SMG. Soon after its introduction in the late 1980's, it was introduced in Israel and was issued to law enforcement units, including both regular and SF units, replacing the various M16A1 and Galil variants used at the time.

The Colt Commando remained as the Israeli Law Enforcement SF units standard issue primary weapon for over two decades, but rarely saw issue with the IDF SF, which in turn used the home-made Shorty CAR15.

In the late 1990's the Israeli Police was interested in replacing the Colt Commando used in non-SF units with a less lethal weapon. Accordingly, 4000 IMI Magal units were purchased by the Israeli Police and were issued to non-SF units. However, in 2001, following repeated operational issues with the Magal it was taken out of service and replaced back with the Colt Commando. At a later stage some units were temporally issued with the Galil MAR, only to go back to the Colt Commando few years later.

In recent years, most Colt Commando in service were replaced with M4 Commando.

Colt Commando fitted with a Trijicon Reflex and a flashlight.

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