Colt Shorty CAR15

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From its initial introduction in late 1980's, the Shorty CAR15 became an immediate success within the IDF SF community. As carrying the unique weapon was a major status symbol at the time, numerous CAR15 barrels were sawed-off and the weapon was commonly used by various SF units and with high-ranking IDF officers.

The Shorty CAR15 extreme short barrel resulting in reduced accuracy and range, it is usage was primarily for close range CQB engagements. In addition, most Shorty CAR15 barrels were fitted with Israeli made compensators replacing the original factory flash hiders, which helped the handling of the weapon, especially in rapid fire.

Despite the creativity behind its creation, the Shorty CAR15 had a major functionally problem. The original CAR15 platform, from which it was derived, was not fit to handle such short barrel lengths. Unlike the Colt Commando factory made 11.5 inch barrel, the Shorty CAR15 sub 10 inches barrel, led to insufficient gas pressure during fire, resulting in cycling issues. In addition, the shortening of the CAR15 barrels was independently done by various IDF armories without clear standards or guidance resulting in varying barrel lengths and mixed results.

Eventually, while it was popular in the IDF SF community for nearly a decade, the Shorty CAR15 reliability issues led to its gradual disbanding. Today, the Short CAR15 has replaced by the factory M4 Commando.

Shorty CAR15 fitted with a flashlight and SPAS15 on display in the IDF Counter Terror School.


Shorty CAR15 fitted with an Elbit Falcon.


Shorty CAR15.

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