Colt Shorty M4A1

In the late 1990's prior to the introduction of M4 Commando in later years, few M4A1 were converted into Shorty M4A1 and were used by various IDF SF units and by senior officers. Today, most Shorty M4A1 were replaced with factory M4 Commando.

Shorty M4A1. Note compensator.


Shorty M4A1 fitted with a flip-up sight, Meprolight Mepro 21, a folding forward grip, a flashlight and a compensator.


LOTAR Eilat team approaching a building during training. All operators are armed with Shorty M4A1 fitted with flashlights and with Sig P228 handguns in thigh holsters. Also note a bus in the background which is used for hostage rescue training.


PALSAR Golani operator armed with a Shorty M4A1 fitted with an Elbit Falcon and a flashlight during deployment in the Territories

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