Glock 17/19

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Glock handguns entered service in Israel in 1996, when the Glock 19C won the Israeli General Security Service (SHABACH) contract for a new sidearm for its agents and VIP detail personnel. Soon afterwards YAMAM also switched from the Law Enforcement units' standard issue handgun - Jericho - to the Glock 17/19.

In late 1990's the Glock 17/19 entered service with the IDF SF units, gradually replacing the Sig P226/P228 in service. In recent years, the Glock 17/19 has been replacing the Jericho with Law Enforcement SF.

Finally, in 2016 Glock won the Israeli Police bid for its future standard issue handgun, and will replace all the Jericho handguns currently in service with the Israeli Police.

Glock 17 (left) and Glock 19 (right).


Glock 17C (left) and Glock 19C (right).


Glock 17 in a Fobus thigh holster.


SHABACH VIP Glock 19 fitted with two rounds magazine extension in a Fobus holster

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