IWI Jericho

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The Jericho entered service with the Israeli Law Enforcement units in the late 1980s, replacing the FN HP as the standard issue sidearm. It didn't see service with the IDF which preferred the Sig P226/P228.

In 1996 the Glock 19C won the Israeli General Security Service (SHABACH) contract for a new sidearm for its agents and VIP detail personnel. Soon afterwards YAMAM replaced its standard issue Jericho to the Glock 17/19, followed with Law Enforcement SF units. Today, the Jericho is in limited usage, and was largely replaced with the Glock 17/19 with Law Enforcement SF units.

Finally, in 2016 Glock won the Israeli Police bid for its future standard issue handgun, and will replace all the Jericho handguns currently in service with the Israeli Police, effectively ending the Jericho service with Israeli Law Enforcement.

In recent years, IWI modernized the Jericho, introducing of polymer frames, compensated versions (similar to the Glock 17C/19C), rail systems and various training models.

Standard version (left), integrated rails (middle) and training model for shooting blanks (right).

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