Sporadic samples of MAG entered service with IDF SF units in late 1960’s, with massive IDF procurement of the weapon in the mid 1970’s. When it was first introduced, the MAG was used for all applications: man portable, vehicle mounted (ground, airborne and maritime) and for stationary posts. Today, the MAG is still the IDF standard issue medium machine gun for non-man portable applications, including stationary posts and vehicle mounted applications, while the Negev is the standard issue man portable LMG, and have completely replaced the MAG, RPD, PK and Minimi in this capacity.

Man Portable

IDF weapons: foreground to background - M24, MAG and Negev.

IDF weapons: foreground - M14, background - MAG.

PALSAR Golani posing after a successful raid during the Peace of Galilee war in Lebanon, 1982. From left to right - operator armed with a Galil SAR, operator armed with a CAR15/M203 combo and operator armed with a MAG.

Vehicle Mounted

An IDF M151 fitted with a spotlight and a MAG.

IDF operator on the top of an APC fitted with MAG near the Israeli-Lebanese border. The operator is armed with a CAR15 fitted with an Elbit Falcon.

Alpinistim clearing paths in Mount Hermon with an IDF snowcat. Note an operator on top of the vehicle manning a MAG.

Airborne Mounted

An IAF female combat airborne mechanic handling a MAG mounted on an IAF UH60 helicopter .

SF operators fast rope from an IAF UH60 during training at the IDF Counter Terror School. Note FN MAG on the UH60 side-doors (Photos: IDF).

MAG - Stationary Post

IDF soldier manning an observation post fitted with an MAG in the Territories.

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