FN Minimi

The FN Minimi first entered service in the IDF in the mid 1980's when the IDF SF required a lighter platform then the MAG. Several hundreds Minimi SAW were procured and issued to SF units and to IDF infantry brigades veteran rifleman companies. Sporadic Minimi Para and SPW, which feature a shorter barrel and a retractable stock, were also procured and issued to IDF SF units.

In 1997 the Negev LMG was adopted by the IDF as its new standard issue man portable LMG. Shortly afterwards, all Minimi were taken out of service.

Unlike the MAG, which can perform even under poor maintenance the Minimi is a more delicate platform requiring proper maintenance. As with the Negev, the IDF maintenance of the Minimi was lacking and subsequently it gained bad reputation in the IDF.

From left to right: Standard Minimi (SAW), Minimi Para and Minimi SPW.


Sayeret MATKAL weapons and gear arsenal on display in an IDF post in South Lebanon before a mission. Extreme left and extreme right are two Minimi Para. On the middle is a CAR15 fitted with a sound suppressor and a Litton Aquila X4. Top of the photo are two SR25 fitted with Litton Aquila X6. Note that the Minimi Para on the right has a laser pointer attached to its right handguards (under the white tape).


Tzanhanim  infantry brigade operators in an IDF post in Lebanon. Right soldier is armed with a Minimi.

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