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The Negev entered service with the IDF in 1997 as the IDF standard issue LMG. Initially, design defects coupled with lacking maintenance resulted in repeated malfunctions and poor reputation. Over the years IWI continuously improved the design based on IDF feedback and the Negev track record had significantly improved since.

While the Negev was originally designed as a man portable platform, IWI also offers the Negev as a versatile platform for vehicles and stationary posts. In the IDF, however, the Negev is used primarily in its original capacity as a man portable weapon.

The Negev has two main versions: Standard featuring a 46 cm barrel and Commando featuring a 33 cm barrel. In addition to size and weight, the barrel of the Standard Negev is equipped with a rail adapter for mounting an ITL AIM1/D. The Commando version, however, lacks this adapter but a laser pointer can be easily fitted on its handguards. Most IDF Negev Commando are also equipped with a forward grip, instead of or in addition to the bipod. Both models can be fed from either a soft assault drum (150 or 200 rounds) or from a standard Galil or M16 5.56mm magazines.

In the IDF, the Standard Negev is issued to both conventional and SF units, while the Commando version is issued exclusively to SF units.

Negev Commando fitted with forward grip.

Negev Commando and a standard Negev.

Negev Commando latest variations - left: fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21, a rail system, a forward grip and a bipod; right: fitted with a rail system, a forward grip and a bipod.

IDF SF Negev Commando fitted with rail systems and an ITL AIM1/D.

IDF Negev Standard fitted with an ITL AIM1/D.

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