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IDF SF were issued with soviet LMG - RPD 7.62X39 mm and the PK 7.62X54R mm - an interim solution until a LMG will enter service. The RPD and the PK were considered as lightweight LMG with strong firepower and reasonable reliability, and were readily available as many of which were captured by the IDF during Israeli-Arab conflicts.

The primary IDF user of the Soviet LMG was PALSAR Golani, which was later accompanied by Egoz - when it was resurrected in the mid 1990's. While other SF units made occasional usage of the RPD and the PK, primarily during training, in PALSAR Golani and Egoz these weapons were standard issue and were extensively used operationally. In many ways, the usage of the RPD and the PK has become a distinct symbol and a trademark for these two units in the past years.

Eventually, in 1997 the Negev entered service in the IDF as its new standard issue man portable LMG, replacing the FN MAG, and the need for the Soviet LMG was diminished. However, PALSAR Golani and Egoz continued usage of the RPD and PK for several more years until they were entirely discontinued, a decision which was also triggered by the reliability issues which have arisen in some of the older RPD.

Left - RPD 7.62X39 mm, right - PK 7.62X54R mm.


Egoz RPD fitted with an FN MAG assault drum and an ITL AIM1/D, seen taped to the right side of the barrel just in front of the forward grip.

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