Sayeret MATKAL Weapons

As the IDF elite SF unit, Sayeret MATKAL enjoys a generous budget, allowing it to procure weapons as it see fit, without the political and budgetary constraints effecting other SF units' weapons arsenal.

The following photos, taken at an IDF military post in South Lebanon during the late 1990's, provide a glimpse to Sayeret MATKAL unique arsenal as used at the time. The weapons and the gear in the photos were operationally used few hours later. Note numbered backpacks and tan color vests in the middle.

Seen in the photos above:

  • Far Left and far right - two FN Minimi Para. Note the laser pointer attached to the Minimi Para on the right (under the white tape).

  • Middle - Flattop CAR15 fitted with a sound suppressor, a Litton Aquila X4 NVD and a bipod.

  • Top - two SR25 fitted with Litton Aquila X6.

Sayeret MATKAL Guide