Soviet-Made Weapons

Over the course of the Israeli-Arab conflict, Israel captured large quantities of Soviet-made weapons from Arab armies and various terrorist and guerilla organizations. Some of these weapons undergone Israeli modifications and enhancements and entered service with the IDF. Today, most of these weapons are no longer in operational service, but are still used during training for combat simulations and to to familiarize soldiers with the enemy's weapons.






Assault Rifle

Limited usage by SF

Limited usage


Light Machine Gun

Limited usage by SF



Light Machine Gun

Limited usage by SF



Rocket Launcher

Widely used by SF and conventional units


Duvdevan operator holding an AK47 captured during deployment in the Territories. The operator is armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a flip-up sight, a Trijicon Reflex, a rail system, a forward grip and an AN/PEQ-14. Note suspected terrorists in the background facing the bus (photo: IDF).

YAHALOM operators checking guns and ammunition captured on the Karin A Palestinian ship, January 2001.

Shayetet 13 operators during training armed with (from left to right): a suppressed Mini Uzi fitted with an AN/PEQ-14; an AK47 fitted with a Meprolight MOR, a stock, a rail system, and forward grip; and a suppressed Mini Uzi (photo: IDF).

Egoz operator armed with a RPD fitted with an ITL AIM1 during training.

IDF SF operator armed with a PK during training in the IDF Counter Guerrilla School.

IDF soldiers training with a RPG7

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