Colt 9mm SMG

The Colt 9mm SMG was developed in the early 1980's as a SMG variant of the M16 family. It is a lightweight compact weapon with low recoil and a relatively high accuracy. The weapon was in limited usage in the IDF SF community.

Due to its typical M16 design the weapon is especially suited for LE/Military units which are issued M16, as the operators' training time can be minimized. Moreover, due to the weapon's parts commonality with the rest of the M16 family, logistics and maintenance can be simplified.

The weapon and fires all standard 9mm ammunition. Due to its compact size and 9mm round the weapon can be used for applications in which concealment is required, such as undercover operations, or in scenarios when a low penetration round is needed.

The Colt 9mm weights 2.61kg without magazine, is 73cm with its stock fully extended and 65cm with its stock retracted. The weapon's effective range is 100 meters. It weapon is available with two main trigger groups: Safe-Semi-Full Auto (Model 635) or a Safe-Semi-3 rounds Burst (model 639)

PALSAR Golani operator posing with a Colt 9mm SMG. The weapon is fitted with a sound suppressor and a forward grip.

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