H-S Precision Pro Series 2000 HTR

Known in the IDF simply as "Barak" or "338", the H-S Precision Pro Series 2000 HTR is a long range bolt action sniper rifle. The weapon can be chambered in various calibers, with IDF version chambered for the 0.338 Lapua Magnum and comes with a 7 rounds detachable magazine.

While sporadic samples of various 0.338 caliber sniper rifle were in service with IDF SF prior to the introduction of the Barak, its introduction in 2008 represents the first time the IDF issued a 0.338 caliber sniper rifle as a standard issue sniper rifle for both SF and regular infantry units. With the Barak, the IDF snipers now benefits from an effective engagement range well behind that of the IDF standard issue 7.62mm platforms - the M24 and SR25.

First samples of the Barak were issued to IDF SF units for testing in 2007, followed by initial issue of the weapon to SF units in 2008. In the end of 2008, the Barak was also issued to regular infantry units and the weapon was successfully deployed during the Gaza War.

While originally designed as an anti-personnel sniper rifle, due to its large caliber, the weapon also has a limited anti-material capability and largely replaced the Barrett M82A1 in this capacity.

The Barak is issued as a comprehensive system, although some components are issued exclusively to SF units:

  • 0.338 sniper rifle with a threaded barrel for the attachment of muzzle break or suppressor

  • Fully customizable ergonomic stock

  • McCann Industries Integrated Rail System (MIRS)

  • SureFire detachable muzzle break / suppressor adapter - allowing for the quick attachment of a SureFire suppressor

  • SureFire suppressor

  • Leopold Mark 4 X3.5-X10

  • UNS X1 NVD

  • IR laser pointer

  • Rangefinder

  • Tripod Data System (TDS) PDA with a ballistic software

  • Hardigg Storm hard case for storing the SWS

As an advanced weapon platform and its accompanied high-end accessories, the Barak represents a leap forward in the IDF sniping capabilities. That said, the platform selection took some in the SF community by surprise as H-S Precision was relatively unknown compared with McMillan, which platforms have been successfully deployed in the IDF for years. In the SF community, the H-S continues to face strong competition from other platforms including McMillan (TAC-0.338, TAC-0.5) and to lesser extent PGM Precision (PGM 0.338, Hecate 2 0.5 SWS).

An IDF H-S Precision 2000 HTR sniper rifle. Note the weapon’s standard issue accessories – a SureFire muzzle break / suppressor adapter, a MIRS, a Leopold Mark 4 X3.5-X10, a 7-round detachable magazine and a Hardigg Storm hard case.

IDF SF SWS and related gear on display during a demonstration at the IDF Counter Terror School. From left to right: an H-S Precision 2000 HTR, two laser rangefinders and an Aquila X6.

An H-S Precision 2000 HTR fitted with an OSTI AN/PVS-27 on display during a demonstration. Seen on top are sniping accessories – an ITL Cobra rangefinder, a TDS PDA loaded with a ballistic software and a Kestrel pocket weather meter.

Egoz sniper and spotter during training. The sniper is armed with a suppressed H-S Precision 2000 HTR (photo: IDF).

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