Barrett M82

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The Barrett M82 is popular 0.50 caliber platform used by armed forced worldwide It is often used for hard target interdiction as well as EOD work. Sporadic samples of the M82 entered service in the IDF in the early 1990's and were used primarily by YAHALOM operators for EOD work at a safe distance. In mid-1990's the M82A1 was mass-issued to all SF and infantry units as a company-level anti-material weapon.

In the IDF M82 is equipped with two optics - a 10X42 day optic and an Aquila X6 NVD. The M82 has a detachable 10 rounds magazine and effective range of about 1200 meters.

With the introduction of the H-S Precision Pro Series 2000 0.338 Lapua Magnum in 2008, the M82 was largely taken out of service. In select SF units, which required a 0.5 platform, the Barrett was replaced by the more accurate McMillan TAC-0.5 and PGM Hecate II 0.5.

A M82 in an IDF post in the Territories.


A M82 fitted with a Litton Aquila X6 during an IDF demonstration. Seen in the background are M24 (right) and M16A2-E3. Note a Vectronix laser rangefinder on the left.

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