Mauser K98

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Sporadic samples of the K98 entered service in the IDF during Israel's War Of Independence in 1948. After the war, large masses of the rifle were procured in Eastern Europe and entered service in the IDF.

Ironically, some of the rifles bought were German made by Mauser, but most were Czech replicas. At first, only few rifles were used as sniper rifles, while most other deployed as regular infantry rifles. However, in the mid 1950's the FN FAL become the IDF standard issue assault rifle and all K98 were converted to sniping configuration. In the IDF, the K98 was fitted with a Wild X4 scope and a cheek piece. Further, while the original K98 had a unique and large 7.92mm caliber, most IDF K98 were converted to the more common 7.62mm caliber.

Due to its high accuracy and durability the K98 remained as the IDF standard issue sniper rifle up until the late 1970's when it was replaced in this role by the newly arrived M14.

After its retirement from the IDF, the K98 was used for more then two decades by the sniper detachments of the Israeli Civilian Guard - a civilian voluntary organization, which assists the Israeli Police in maintaining law and order. These snipers were issued mostly K98 surpluses by the Israeli Police, and were free to customize them with modern accessories.

Other disbanded K98 were converted to 0.22 caliber and were used to teach the basic elements of sharpshooting for youngsters prior to their IDF drafting day.

An IDF Mauser K98 fitted with a Wild X4 and a cheek piece. Also seen is the scope storing case.

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A Civilian Guard sniper aiming a K98 during a deployment in the Territories in the early 2000's. Note a modern day optic, a bipod and a cheek piece.

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