Sardius M26

The Sardius M26 is a unique accurized 7.62X51 caliber version of the Soviet AK47 7.62X39 mm assault rifle. The weapon was designed by Nehemiah Sirkis and was made by the Sardius company, also known for the its Sardius M36/TCI M89. The M26 standard configuration included a Zeiss Diavari X3-X9 and 20 rounds magazine.

Only few samples of this rare SWS were ever made, and were deployed by few elite Israeli SF units, mainly YAMAM, from the mid 1970's to the mid 1980's.

m26a.jpg (4996 bytes)

Sardius M26 fitted with a day optic.

m26b.jpg (4535 bytes)

Sardius M26 fitted with a sound suppressor and a first generation NVD.

Left - Nehemiah Sirkis, the M26 designer, middle and right - executives at the TCI company which bought the Sardius company. The man are seen here during a weapon testing in Mitkan Adam.

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