Sardius M36/TCI M89SR

The TCI Model 89 Sniper Rifle (M89SR) was a unique Israeli-made Bullpup version of the M14. The weapon was first introduced in the mid 1980's as the Sardius M36. As a Bullpup version of an already accurate assault rifle - the M14 - the M89SR is a very accurate semi-auto rifle, which was well capable of 1 MOA groups with match ammo. Its Bullpup design allowed the M89 to feature a relatively long floating barrel (56cm in length), while maintaining a short length of only 85cm (103cm with a sound suppressor attached) and considerably shorter than most conventionally designed SWS.

Fully loaded with a 20 rounds M14 magazine, the M89SR weighted only 6.28 kg. (7.03 kg with a sound suppressor mounted). Its compact size and lightweight makes the M89SR an easy weapon to conceal.

Similar to the Galil Sniper Rifle, which was also introduced at the time, the M36 was a offered to the IDF a potential replacement for the M14 as its standard issue SWS. In the tests conducted by the IDF in the late 1980's, the M36 competed against the Galil Sniper Rifle and the M14, and demostrated superior performance. The M36 was accurate, reliable and compact in size, so the IDF placed an initial order for 1300 units. Unfortunately, Sardius failed to prove it had the proper financial and technical resources to produce such a mass quantity and the IDF order was withdrawn.

Eventually only few dozens M36 were procured by the IDF. The weapon compact size combined with its potent semi-auto firepower, made it a favorite with SF units concerned with concealment and undercover deployment. Accordingly, most M36 purchased were issued to Duvdevan and Shimshon. These IDF M36 were used from the late 1980's until they were replaced by the SR25 in the early 2000's.

In the early 1990's Sardius went out of business and TCI bought the licensee to produce the M36 SWS. The weapon undergone several modifications, including a new carbon fiber stock, and was reintroduced as the M89SR.

The original brochure for the M36 made by Sardius.

Several M89SR undergoing testing. Note that the fourth rifle from top is equipped with a sound suppressor.

An IDF female sniper instructor firing a M89SR during training at the IDF Sniper School.

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