Enfield No 4. Mk1 (T)

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In addition to the Mauser K98 rifle, another WW2 era rifle used during Israel's early years was the renown Enfield No.4 Mk1 (T). The MK1 (T) was chambered for the 0.303 caliber, had a 10 rounds detachable box magazine and was fitted with a No.32 X4.

When Israel was formed in 1948, many Jewish soldiers who served in the British army volunteered to the IDF bringing along their familiar weapons such as the Mk1 (T). The British regime in Palestine, prior to the establishment of the Israeli state and the IDF in 1948, also made British gear and weapons easily accessible.

The rifle was mainly used during Israel's War Of Independence in 1948, when Israel was in extreme shortage of firearms, and used whatever weapon it available. After the war ended, the IDF received large quantities of Czech made Mauser K98 and most of the Mk1 (T) SWS were taken out of service.

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IDF snipers using Mk1 (T) SWS during Israel War Of Independence in 1948.

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