PGM Précision

PGM Precision SWS are in limited usage with the Israeli SF including the following models:

  • Ultima Ratio, 7.62mm, typically integrally suppressed

  • PGM, 0.338

  • Hecate 2, 0.5

A YAMAM sniper armed with a PGM Précision Ultima Ratio during range training.

An IDF SF operator checking a suppressed PGM Precision Ultima Ratio. Also seen in the background are a modified Mauser 86SR (with a new stock and an integrated suppressor), El-Op Yuval thermal imaging system and helmet fitted with a camera.

Shimon Peres checking out a camouflaged suppressed PGM Précision Ultima Ratio mounted on a Lone Star Field SPEC-REST tripod during a visit to the YAMAM. Note a camouflaged PGM Précision PGM338 in the background (photo: MAGAV).

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