PGM Précision

PGM Precision SWS are in limited usage with the Israeli SF including the following models:

  • Ultima Ratio, 7.62mm, typically integrally suppressed

  • PGM, 0.338

  • Hecate 2, 0.5

PGM platforms first entered service with the Israeli SF when the integrally suppressed Ultima Ratio in the late 1990's. The Ultima Ratio proved to be an impressive weapon, but its high-cost and European origin, which made it non-applicable for US FMS funding, limited its availably. In the 2000's PGM338 were also procured.

The IDF successful experience with the Ultima Ratio combined with its tendency to customize its weapons spawned a unique Israeli SF project in which disbanded Mauser 86SR were converted by SF armorers in the 2010's to an Ultima Ratio-esque design, including a lightweight skeleton type chassis and an integrated suppressor.

A YAMAM sniper armed with an Ultima Ratio during range training.


An IDF SF operator checking an integrally suppressed Ultima Ratio. Also seen in the background are a custom Mauser 86SR (with a new stock and an integrated suppressor), El-Op Yuval thermal imaging system and helmet fitted with a camera.


Shimon Peres checking out a camouflaged integrally suppressed Ultima Ratio mounted on a Lone Star Field SPEC-REST tripod during a visit to the YAMAM. Note a camouflaged PGM338 in the background (photo: MAGAV).

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