Modified Remington 700

From the late 1970's to the late 1990's, the IDF standard issue SWS was a modified version of the M14. While the Mauser 66SP was used for short range CT applications, the Israeli SF required a military grade bolt action SWS capable of accurate medium-long range target interdiction. To address this need, in the mid 1980's select IDF and Law Enforcement SF units were issued customized Remington 700 rifles.

The original specification was as follows:

  • 7.62 mm caliber

  • Remington 700 action

  • IMI compensator modeled after the Mauser 66SP muzzle break.

  • El-Op Nimrod 6x40

  • IMI side-mount for the optic similar to the Galil Sniper Rifle mount.

  • McMillan Prone Stock

  • Canjar Trigger

  • 5 rounds internal magazine

Few years later, the original specifications were upgraded with a more robust rail adapter for the optic, allowing for easy switching between day and night optics without re-zero. Additionally, modern day optics replaced the obsolete El-Op Nimrod.

Over the years more modified Remington 700 rifles were procured by the Israeli SF units, and were custom built to match the requirements and specifications of the units which ordered them.

Eventually, in 1997 the M24 entered service in the IDF as its new standard issue SWS, replacing the modified M14, and the need for the modified Remington 700 was diminished.

A modified Remington 700 seen here during an Israeli Police demonstration.

YAMAS snipers armed with a modified Remington 700 during deployment in the Territories.

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