Israeli Special Forces Defense Contractors Guide

While a small country in both size and population, Israel has a vast and advanced defense industry, manufacturing a wide variety of products, from small arms to complete ground and air platforms. The following guide features key Israeli defense contractors, which provide the Israeli Special Forces with weapons and gear. See links under each contractor's description for isayeret pages dedicated to specific products, including extensive photo gallery of real world usage.


An Elbit subsidiary, Azimuth is a manufacturer of electro-optical gear, known for ATLAS, the standard stabilization platform for many Israeli target acquisition systems.



Maron Dolphin and Agilite are Israel's leading high-end tactical textile manufactures, specializing in vests and plate carriers. This space was previously dominated by KATA, which was formed in the early 1980's by former IDF SF operators. KATA made significant contributions to the design of the renown Israeli reconnaissance vest, and during the 1980's and the 1990's was the premier supplier of tactical textile products to Israeli SF units. However, in 2005 KATA was bought by Vitec, discontinued its defense product lines and shifted focus to professional camera bags. In KATA's absence, Marom Dolphin and later Agilite became Israel's leading tactical textile manufacturers. Source is another major Israeli provider, primarily of backpacks and hydration systems.



A SK subsidiary, Camero is a manufacturer of see-through-walls radar imaging solutions, which are used for a variety of tactical and rescue applications.



CAA, FAB and TDi are Israel's leading manufacturers of weapon accessories. Collectively, they make most weapon accessories used in Israel, including stocks, pistol grips, forward grips and rail systems.


Defense Industries International (DFNS)

A group of privately owned defense companies, specializing in tactical textile and ballistic protection. The group comprised of Achidatex, Export Erez and Rabintex.



Israel's largest privately owned defense contractor. Thorough organic growth and multiple acquisitions (including El-Op, Tadiran Communication, Azimuth and ITL), Elbit has become a major player in both domestic and foreign defense markets. The company manufactures a wide variety of high-end products, from command, control, communications and computers to UAV and weapon systems. The company had many leading innovations in SF related products, including the Sniper Synchronization System (Sincrofire) and one of the first military grade red dot sights (Falcon). The company is also the primary contractor and integrator of the IDF Future Soldier program.



See CAA.



Fibrotex is the primary provider of camouflage solutions to the IDF, including personal camouflage suits.



Fobus Front Line is a specialized manufacture of holsters.


Front Line

Front Line is a specialized manufacture of holsters.



Along with SAN, Hydro-Noa is Israel's primary manufacturer of tactical breaching and rescue tools.


Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI)

As part of IMI privatization, its small arms division was sold to the SK Group and rebranded as IWI. The company manufactures most of IMI legacy products including Uzi, Negev, Galil and Jericho, but is focused on its flagship product - the Tavor. In recent years IWI also modernized most of its legacy products.


Israeli Military Industries (IMI)

A government owned contractor, IMI is renown by its former small arms division which manufactured famed weapons such as the Uzi and the Galil. Few years ago, IMI small arms division was sold to the SK Group as part of a privatization process, and was rebranded as IWI. Today, IMI manufactures a wide variety of defense products from compensators and sound suppressors to smallarms ammonization and advanced rockets and missiles. The company also makes the smart munitions which is a key part of the IDF Future Soldier program.


IMI Defense

IMI Defense is Israel's leading manufacturer of tactical holsters.


International Technology Lasers (ITL)

An Elbit subsidiary, ITL is a manufacturer of electro-optical devices, offering a wide range of products from range finders to aiming devices. During the 1980's and the 1990's ITL was the primary provider of laser pointers devices to the IDF. In recent years, the company gradually shifted its focus from laser aiming devices, such as its renown AIM1 family, to higher-end devices including target acquisitions systems, thermal night vision devices and future soldiers platforms. While its laser aiming devices are less commonly used now days due to the introduction of Insight products in the Israeli market, ITL still provides the IDF with wide range of products including the IDF standard issue multifunction aiming sight - MARS, and the IDF standard issue monocular NVD - Mini N/SEAS.



See Agilite.


Marom Dolphin

See Agilite.



A SK subsidiary, Meprolight is Israel's leading manufacturer of tactical electro-optical gear, including sights, night vision and CID. Meprolight is the manufacturer of the IDF standard issue red dot sights - the Mepro 21, MOR and M5 and GLS203 and the IDF standard issued designated marksman NVD - Lior. In addition, the company also produces night vision optics, from monocular NVG to thermal weapon sights. In recent years, Meprolight acquired and integrated Pulse Inteco and New Noga Light.


Mistral Group

A group of privately owned defense companies, including ODF.


New Noga Light

See Meprolight.


ODF Optronics

Part of the Mistral Group, ODF was a manufacturer of tactical intelligence gathering solutions, which allowed operators to safely and remotely view and assess the situation inside buildings, caves, tunnels and other hard to reach locations. The company was since shut down and is known for its EyeBall R1 and the EyeDrive UGV.


Pulse Inteco

See Meprolight.



A large government owned defense contractor, RAFAEL manufactures a wide variety of advanced products from missiles to avionics systems. Within the Israeli SF community it is especially known for its door breaching solutions such as the Simon and the MATADOR.



Founded by former ODF Optronics employees, Roboteam is Israel's leading provider of UGV.



See Hydro-Noa.


Samy Katsav (SK) Group

A group of privately owned defense companies, including IWI, Meprolight and Camero.



See Agilite.



An Elbit subsidiary, Tadiran is a manufacturer of communication and radio devices, including the IDF standard issue tactical radio - the PRC-624 and its successor the PRC-710. The PRC-710 is also a key component of the IDF Future Soldier program.


TAR Ideal

TAR Ideal is a major importer of various tactical gear to Israel. In recent, the company began to design and manufacturer its own tactical gear, and is known for its rappelling gear and electro optical devices. 



See CAA.